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The Historic Saluda Committee created this website to feature the people and places of historic Saluda, NC, specifically the compilation of oral histories of Saluda’s citizens. This site features film snippets from the oral history film documentary, Home, Hearth and History: Stories of Old Saluda, released in the spring of 2011 and never seen before film footage of the interviews conducted during the making of the DVD. Since the oral history project is on-going, more interviews have been conducted since the documentary was completed and these are also being archived on the website. In addition, the site showcases vintage photographs, provides information about the annual Historic Tour of Homes and is an ongoing source of information about Saluda’s fascinating past.

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The Party Place and Event Center, Saluda, NC
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Saluda’s Music Traditions

The old saying is, “You can’t go home again.” But, maybe you can. The Historic Saluda Committee (HSC) has been collecting oral histories through audio and video since 2010, primarily from its senior citizens. A common theme relayed during the gathering of these stories is a deep nostalgia for the rich and diverse musical traditions that were once common in Saluda. The HSC has enlisted the help of the Polk County Film Initiative to take these histories, collect a few new ones, then roll them into a fascinating oral history film documentary that portrays Saluda’s rich musical heritage, where the past meets the present. Sure to delight, these recollections include tales of the old time square dances, shape note singing, legendary fiddle makers and players, the influence of the railroad, a ragtime pianist, gospel greats, ballad singers, musical miracles, African-American history, Coon Dog Day, a famous baritone crooner and more. Rolling into the present day, we feature contemporary gospel, old-time and Americana acts, and some of today’s great music venues, including a visit to Studio B at Western NC’s famed radio station WNCW. This film will not only appeal to Saluda’s people, but to folks from all walks of life who appreciate good stories, music and history, especially from a small mountain town in Western North Carolina. By the way, who says you can’t go home again!

Produced by the Historic Saluda Committee and the Polk County Film Initiative
Funding and support provided by
Polk County Community Foundation, the Saluda Community Fund
City of Saluda
WNCW, Media Sponsor

Hurry! For a limited time, you can support this project and we’ll put your name or your business name in the film credits! What a great way to become a part of this great legacy.
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Members of the Historic Saluda Committee, Cindy Stephenson Tuttle and Mary Ann Hester, have co-authored a book for Saluda in the Images of America series published by Arcadia Publishing Company. The book is filled with 220 pictures and contains seven chapters titled, The Railroad Meets the Grade; Early Saluda and Pace’s Gap; Historic Inns and Boarding Houses; Arts, Culture and Events; Saluda’s Medical Community; Saluda’s Community of Faith; and Saluda’s Unique People. Available for sale at Saluda City Hall, the Saluda Historic Depot and other supporting retail outlets in Saluda. Also, may be purchased on Amazon.com.

Save the Historic Saluda Train Depot!
I think we can …   I think we can!

DEPOT 1897For the first time in decades the historic Saluda depot is for sale. The depot is vulnerable because anyone can purchase it, change it or even destroy it. Once it’s gone it’s gone! The citizens of Saluda should own it!

This is a rare opportunity for the citizens and friends of Saluda, NC along with railroad history buffs everywhere to unite in saving one of its more treasured historical landmarks. The historic depot is a modern icon of Saluda’s beginning and subsequent prosperity with the coming of the train bringing passengers up the Saluda Grade, the steepest grade in the country. Because brave men built a railroad up a steep mountain, the small mountain village of Saluda is a thriving community with a historic downtown district with prospering shops and restaurants. The town is surrounded by mountains and deep valleys in the Green River Gorge.  These natural resources have drawn outdoor adventurists to bicycle, fish, zip line, kayak and hike mountain trails.  These enthusiasts eat, stay, and shop in Saluda’s businesses. Every Saluda citizen, whether born here or those who got here as fast as they could, will be asked to support this project.

Read more about the History Saluda Train Depot and how you can contribute to this important part of Saluda History.

Learn more about the history of the railroad and Saluda, NC

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A one-hour-plus DVD featuring the reminisces of ten of Saluda’s elders with over one hundred vintage photographs, many from the interviewees’ private collections. Interviews are woven together to tell the story of Saluda’s history, memorable people, and everyday life in “the good old days”. Seven bonus features are also included. Here is the opening sequence:

The full-length DVD is available from many downtown Saluda merchants, or you can purchase it here.

The Historic Saluda Committee (HSC) meets the second Friday of each month at 2:00 p.m. at the Saluda Public Library in the upstairs meeting room. The public is invited to attend.

Now Available: Audio Documentary “Saluda: Voices from the First 100 Years”

Available from many downtown Saluda merchants, or you can purchase it here.